Collection of tax on sand, gravel, and other quarry resources

Name of the Office: PENRO-LGU
Location: Provincial Capitol Building, Provincial Capitol Compound, Sorsogon City
Contact Information: (056) 211-12-26

Rational of the Service:

The PENRO – LGU provides technical assistance and support to the Governor in carrying out measures to enhance the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to environment and natural resources in the province of Sorsogon.

It is tasked to facilitate the processing of application for SAG, QUARRY and SSM permits and to ensure that relevant laws, rules and regulations, and other requirements of other concerned agencies/offices are complied with prior to issuance of a permit. The fulfilment of the service will require actions to be completed by agencies outside the provincial Government of Sorsogon.

Who May Avail of the Service:

Sand and Gravel, Quarry and Small Scale Mining Permit Applicants

Schedule of Availability of the Service:

  • Monday to Friday
    8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  1. Application letter addressed to the Governor
  2. Survey plan duly prepared & signed by a licensed geodetic engineer (GE).
Service Duration:

The cumulative curation covering the PENRO-LGU activity only is two weeks since the Service involves other process owners outside the Provincial Government of Sorsogon, namely, the DENR-Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau (MGB) for issuance of Area Clearance and the DENR- Environment Management Bureau (EMB) for the ECC. The service is covered by their own Citizen’s Charter. Normally, the ECC is completed at a minimum of 30 working days and the area clearance can be completed in 7 working days.


Please see attached sheet

Step No. Action of the Client Action of the OPAg Responsible Official Time
Submit application letter addressed to the governor

Receives order of payment
Review duly accomplished application and other documents and refer to Mineral Resources & Mgt. Section

Receive and record application in logbook

Issue order of payment to applicant to be paid to PTO
PENRO-LGU Officer of the Day

MRMS staff

MRMS staff
2 mins.

3 mins.

1 min.
Pay filing and processing fees
PTO receives payment and issues official receipt to applicant. Enters in ledger.
PTO Collection Clerk
2 mins.
Submits copy of order of payment and O.R. to MRMS
Record O.R. in logbook

Prepare endorsement to DENR-Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau (MGB) for issuance of area clearance to be signed by the governor.

Forward documents for endorsement to MGB to the office of the governor.
MRMS staff
1 min.

10 mins.

2 mins.
Receive and record submitted documents and refer to the governor for signature

Governor signs the endorsement and sends it back to the PENRO
Secretary of the Office of the Governor

Governor / Secretary of the Office of the Governor
2 mins.

1 min.
Receive and record document signed by the Governor and sends documents to DENR-MGB
PENRO-LGU Officer of the Day
2 mins.
Receive and record documents submitted by PENRO-LGU and refers to concerned unit

Verify and plot against control maps and issues area clearance/certification

Forward area status to LGU-Sorsogon
DENR-MGB records officer

DENR-MGB verifier

DENR-MGB staff
7 Working days
Receive and record area status certification and refer to Mineral Resources and Management Section.

Review certification of DENR-MGB. If approved:

1. Receive and record area status in logbook
2. Prepare letter to applicant requiring to submit other required documents such as:
a.) Clearance from government agency concerned/written permission from the landowner.
b.) ECC/CNC or Commitment to secure Environmental Compliance Certificate prior to extraction.

If disapproved, notify applicant stating the reason for disapproval.
MRMS staff
15 mins.
File application for ECC to DENR-EMB
Receives and records documents submitted by applicant and refers to concerned unit

EMB-EIAMD evaluates project, issues ECC
DENR-EMB Records Officer

30 working days
Submit other required documents to PENRO-LGU

Receive Order of Payment for field verification fee
Receive and record other required documents and refer to MRMS

Evaluate completeness of submitted documents

Issue order of payment for field verification fee, if found complete.
PENRO-LGU officer of the day

MRMS staff
2 mins.

5 mins.

1 min.
Pay field verification fee and receive O.R.
Receive payment and issue official receipt to applicant
PTO Collection officer
2 mins.
Present O.R. to MRMS

Assists during the field verification
Record O.R. in logbook

Prepares and sends notice of field verification to technical team (MGB, PENRO-LGU & Applicant)

Conduct field verification

Prepare field verification report and submit to PENRO officer for signature

Prepare and send notice of meeting to Provincial Mining and Regulatory Board (PMRB) members to be signed by the Head, Secretariat (PENRO)

Evaluate the report of the technical team

Recommend approval/disapproval of the application.

If warranted, prepare recommendation, permit and other documents for submission to the Governor for approval/disapproval.
MRMS Staff

Technical Team

Technical Team

PMRB Secretariat



PMRB secretariat
Receive and record submitted documents and refer to the office of the provincial administrator for review and appropriate action.

Receive and record submitted documents and refer to the office of the provincial administrator for review and appropriate action.

Evaluate documents and affix initial on the permit and return them to PA secretary for submission to the Office of the Governor

Review and approve/disapprove the application for the permit

Return documents to PENRO
Secretary of the Office of the Governor

Secretary of the office of the Provincial Administrator

Provincial Administrator


Provincial secretary
2 mins.

2 mins.

10 mins

1 hour

5 mins
Record documents in logbook

Prepare and send notice to applicant on approval/denial of permit. If it is a denial, the notice shall include the reason for the denial. Inform applicant to get the notice.
MRMS staff
2 mins.

5 mins.
Receive copy of permit or denial

Signs logbook
If approved, record and file copy of permit

Furnish copy of the permit to DENR-MGB and PMRB
MRMS Staff
2 mins.

5 mins.