Collection of tax on transfer of real property ownership

Location: 1st Floor, Capitol Building, Capitol Compound, Brgy. Burabod, Sorsogon City.
Contact Information: (056) 211-24-24/Telefax No. 421-52-55

Rational of the Service:

Owners of real properties such as land, buildings and machineries in the province of Sorsogon are require by R.A. 7160 and Real Property Provincial Tax Ordinance No. 92-01 to pay their real property taxes every year based on the assessed valuation by the assessor’s office. The real property tax payments can be made either to the provincial treasurer’s office or to the municipal treasurer where the property is located. Payments can be made in annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis. Advance payments can avail of up to 20% discount or 10% discount for prompt payment.

Who May Avail of the Service:

Owners/administrators, corporations who own real properties located within the province of Sorsogon and other provinces/cities within the Philipines.

Schedule of Availability of the Service:

  • Monday to Friday
    8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Official receipts of previous years’ real property tax payment
  • Tax declaration from assessor’s office pertaining to the year for which real property unit shall be paid.
  • Real property tax order of payment (RPTOP).
Service Duration:

16 minutes (PTO activities only)

The following is the schedule of fees as prescribed under Provincial Tax Ordinance No. 92-01

Tax Rates Tax Base Discounts Interest
Assessed value per tax declaration
• 20% for advance payment (Paid ahead of due date for one-time annual payment)

• 10% prompt payment (paid w/in the date as provided below)
20% on the unpaid amount or a fraction thereof until the delinquent tax has been fully paid in no case shall exceed 36 months.


By installment:

  • 1st qtr. InstallmentJanuary – March 31
  • 2nd qtr. InstallmentApril – June
  • 3rd qtr. Installment July – September
  • 4th qtr. InstallmentOctober – December
Step No. Action of the Client Action of the OPAg Responsible Official Time
Client proceeds to the provincial assessor’s office/assessment clerk and secured the necessary tax declaration.
Issue a copy of the Tax Declaration
Provincial Assessment Clerk
Client presents latest official receipt for the real property tax payment and tax declaration to the collection clerk of the provincial treasurer’s office.
PTO collection Clerk reviews the documents presented and compute Real Property Taxes due.
PTO Collection Clerk
10 mins.
Clients verify tax computation and pay tax due.
PTO Collection Clerk accepts money payment and issues official receipt.
PTO Collection Clerk
5 mins.
Clients receive original copy of official receipt
Collection clerk releases original copy of official receipt to taxpayer.

• Collection clerk attaches duplicate official receipts to record of collection and deposits (RCD) & remits collections to liquidating officer.

• Which is filed in triplicate copies
PTO Collection Clerk
1 min.