Permit to cut across the provincial roads in the province of Sorsogon

Name of the Office: Provincial Engineer Office
Location: Bibincahan, Sorsogon City
Contact Information: (056) 211-50-78 / 211-26-89
Rational of the Service:

The Provincial Engineer’s Office maintains maintenance existing Provincial Roads and Bridges. To safeguard the safety of the travelling public, permit to cut across the road is regulated.

Who May Avail of the Service:

Contractors, water district, communication agency, homeowner, business/commercial establishment.

Schedule of Availability of the Service:

  • Monday to Friday
    8:00 am – 5:00pm

Letter request of the applicants addressed to the Provincial Engineer, specifying the location or address and purpose of the application.

Service Duration:

    1. Simple Work

                            Cutting of road for Water Service Connection.

    1. Complex Work

                            Cutting of roads according to the design as submitted.


Depends on the extend damage created by the cutting

Step No. Action of the Client Action of the OPAg Responsible Official Time
Client submits letter request to the records officer of the Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) using the pro-forma of the Provincial Engineering Office (PEO).
Records officer receives record reviews and forwards letter request of the client forwards letter request to the provincial engineering / assistant provincial engineer and signs receiving copy. Informs the clients of scheduled site inspection.
Records Officer
2 mins.
The provincial engineer refers it to maintenance engineer of the district concerned
Provincial Engineer
2 mins.
The maintenance engineer instructs the foreman to conduct site inspection with the client on schedule date.
Maintenance Engineer
5 mins
Client identifies exact location
Foreman/Capataz and client conducts site inspection and reports to maintenance engineer.
Foreman / Capataz
1 day
Maintenance engineer to the provincial engineer, a submits report of inspection with recommendation and estimates the damages to incurred.
Maintenance Engineer.
1 – 2 days
Provincial Engineer sends letters to the clients informing him of the action taken by the office and the estimated cost of damage.
Provincial Engineer
1 day
Client records order of payment
Administrative officer prepares order of payment and advises the applicant to pay the mandatory fees required.
Administrative Officer
2 mins.
Client pays the mandatory fee at the PTO and records official receipt.
PTO issues receipt
PTO Cashier
5 mins.
Client submits official receipts to administrative officer.
Administrative officer reviews and recommends issuance of permit.
Administrative Officer
2 mins.
Administrative officer instructs the clerk to prepare permit documents
Administrative Officer/Clerk
3 mins.
Provincial engineer signs and issues the permit to client/applicant
Provincial Engineer
2 mins.
Signed permit is returned to the Administrative Officer released to the records officer.
Provincial Engineer / Administrative Officer / Records officer
1 min.
Records officer releases it to the client/applicant who signs on the logbook upon receipt.
Records Officer
2 mins.