Month: October 2019

Event 6

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Kasanggayahan Agri- Tourism Trade Fair

Guhit Pinas Art Exhibit Guhit Pinas Art Exhibit Artist from different municipalities of Sorsogon will showcase their artworks which includes varieties of art forms like painting and photography Ms. Vivien Estiller0929-685-9455Mr. Joey Hugo0912-478-0518 Organization: GUHIT PINAS When: February 2-29, 2020


This is a province wide pests and disease monitoring, surveillance and information with the aim of controlling and minimizing any outbreak of infestation to crops. Technical assistance and recommending appropriate management practice to farmers to minimize losses in rice and other crops.


Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization plays a vital role in sustaining and improving agricultural productivity. Relative to this, appropriate machinery and equipment is needed to improve the land and labor productivity and reduce losses, which will then lead to higher income and competitiveness of the farmers. Mainly aiming to uplift the rice farming industry of Sorsoganon Farmers, the program’s ultimate goal is to provide farm machineries to small farmers, farmers associations, and cooperatives, as well as improving their awareness and access with the new technology/ies in farming. The Provincial Government of Sorsogon and Department of Agriculture thru its Regional Field Office has a parallel objective – to provide farm machineries to qualified and active Irrigators’ Associations.


The lack of post-production/processing facilities especially for small farmers has been one of the most serious problems plaguing the grains industry of the country. Even with the increased yields, small rice/corn farmers remain in poverty because they are forced to sell their poorly processed produce at low prices to traders and millers.

One of the key strategies of the Department of Agriculture thru its Regional Field Office and the Provincial Government of Sorsogon is the Postharvest Mechanization Program that includes Provisions of appropriate drying facilities such as Flat Bed Dryers (FBD), Rice Mill and Constructions of Palay Shed, Multi-Purpose Drying Pavement (MPDP) and Warehouses given/granted to Farmers Associations/Groups, Irrigators Associations and Cooperatives within rice production areas.