Distribution of post harvest equipment and facility

Location: Capitol Compound, Sorsogon City
Contact Information: 211-3989 / 211-1109

Rational of the Service:

To improve the agricultural productivity of the province, the Provincial Government of Sorsogon and the Department of Agriculture through its Regional Office V have partnered to provide Flatbed dryers to the different qualified and active Irrigators Association and Farmers Cooperatives.

Who May Avail of the Service:

Irrigators Association/ Farmers Cooperative registered with either Cooperative Development Authority, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and National Irrigation Administration (NIA) and who are willing to assume the responsibilities in the installation and maintenance of the equipment and facilities.

Schedule of Availability of the Service:

  • Monday to Friday (except holidays)
    8:00 am – 5:00pm


  1. Certificate of registration of the Irrigators Association / Farmers Cooperative with either the Cooperative Development Authority, Securities and Exchange commission (SEC) and National Irrigation Administration (NIA).
  2. Deed of Donation or Lease Agreement to the association for a site where a 60 square meter concrete pavement can be constructed.
  3. Board Resolution on the request stating their willingness to construct a concrete pavement as foundation for the equipment.


Service Duration:

The entire duration of the service including the construction of the foundation, installation, and test run of the equipment and the Operators’ Training will normally take 7.3 weeks.


Free of charge

Step No. Action of the Client Action of the OPAg Responsible Official Time
Identify a contact person liaison officer/s to transact with the Officer of the Pricincial Agriculturist (OPAg)
Proceed to the OPAg and ask the Officer of the Day about the Post-Harvest Facility
Accompany the clients to the Engineering Section Chief.
Officer of the day OPAg
1 min
Provide all necessary information and take note of the schedule of ocular inspection
Review all the documents submitted and set the schedule of the ocular inspection
Engineering Section Chief, OPAg
During Ocular inspection, make yourselves available to guide inspection on the location of the concrete pavement
Conduct inspection. Asses the technical feasibility of the site and provide feedback to the client
Engineering Section Chief or Team, OPAg
1 day
Deliver Construction Materials
Deliver Equipment & Materials
OPAg Engineering Section
1 day
Construct the concrete pavement and install the equipment under the supervision of the OPAg
Supervise the construction/installation of facility.
OPAg Engineering Section
2 days
Assist in the Project Test Run
Undertake Project Test Run
OPAg Engineering Section and Department of Agriculture Regional Office Representative
2 days
Actively participate in the training
Conduct Equipment Operation Training Seminar to the office and members of the association/cooperative
OPAg Engineering Section and Department of Agriculture Regional Office Representative
2 days
Receive the facility and sign the turn-over documents
Turnover of the facility
OPAg Engineering Section and Department of Agriculture Regional Office Representative
½ day