Processing of Claims/Obligations of the Provincial Government of Sorsogon

Location: Capitol Compound, Sorsogon City
Contact Information: (056) 211-47-45 / 211-18-79
Rational of the Service:

The Provincial Accountant’s Office:

1. To establish control & monitoring measures and effectively manage provincial government funds & property, safeguard assets, promote effective & efficient operation. Likewise, it ensures that all the claims are supported by necessary documents; and It certifies as to the validity, propriety legality of the claim and existence of allotment.

Who May Avail of the Service:

  • Liaison officers of Provincial Government
  • Employees of the Provincial Government

Schedule of Availability of the Service:

  • Monday to Friday (except holidays)
    8:00 am – 5:00pm
  • Disbursement voucher
  • Obligation request signed by head, requesting office/ authorized representative & head, provincial budget office/authorized representative.
  • Various supporting documents as required by the Commission on Audit (COA) and enumerated in the Procurement Law or R.A. 9184
Service Duration:

  • Simple transactions – 1 to 5 days subject to queueing to the number of DV’s received. Recurring and regular transaction such as payrolls with remittances, utilities, travel, supplies, made through canvass etc.
  • Complex Transactions – 1 to 10 days Bid infra projects, bid supplies, equipment, etc.
Step No. Action of the Client Action of the PBO Responsible Official Time
The client will go to the officer of the day and tell his/her purpose
The officer of the day will let the client log in his name and purpose
  • The officer of the day will refer the client to the assessment officer in charge of the municipality where the property is located.
Officer of the Day
2 mins.
Client presents and submits requirements.
  • The assessment officer will examine the client’s papers and check:
  • Notarized
  • With updated real property/capital gains tax and BIR payments
  • Documentary stamps
  • Other pertinent clients information
Assessment officer
5 mins.
The client receives the hard copies of the Tax declaration
  • After the examination & evaluation of the requirements, the assessment officer will encode and present the transfer of ownership of the tax declaration.
  • The assessment officer will give the new prepared (4) copies of the tax declaration and instruct the client to take papers to the PTO for payment of Transfer Tax and Service Fee.
Assessment officer/appraising officer
5 mins.
Client proceeds to the PTO & presents hard copies of Tax Declaration & pays the transfer tax & Service Fee
PTO revenue collections clerk issues official receipts
Governor/Provincial Administrator
5 mins.
After paying the transfer tax, the client will return the tax declaration to assessment officer for signature of:
  • Assessment Officer
  • Appraising Officer
  • Recommending Officer
The assessment, appraising, and recommending officers will evaluate the prepared new tax declarations, supporting documents, and payments before affixing their signatures and return to the client who takes evaluated documents to provincial assessor for final approval
  • Assessment Officer
  • Appraising Officer
  • Recommending Officer
5 mins.
The client takes the approved tax declarations and other supporting documents to the records officer.
The provincial assessor, after evaluation the documents and other requirements including the signatures of the other concerned officers, will affix his signature.
  • The Provincial Assessor will instruct the client to bring the approved tax declarations and supporting documents to the records officer. If necessary, the provincial assessor will solicit other information from the client.
  • After the approval of the provincial assessor, the client will take the approved tax declaration with the supporting papers, to the records officer for recording and filing.
  • The records officer will get 3 copies of the approved Tax Declaration and 2 Xerox copies of each supporting papers as file, the remaining copy is given to client.
Provincial Assessor

Provincial Assessor and record officer

Records officer

5 mins.

2 mins.

4 mins.

2 mins.