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Office of the Provincial Agriculturist
Technical assistance on quality seed production
Crop protection
Availment & operation of rice combine harvester and other farm machineries
Irrigation facilities assistance
Farm mechanization program assistance
Post-harvest facilities assistance
Provision of planting materials (fruit tree seedlings)
Provision of planting materials (pili seedlings as priority intercrop to coconut)
Technical assistance to cash crops / high value crops and cocount farmers
Technical assistance to livestock and poultry farmers
Technical assistance related to aquaculture extension and fishery regulatory matters
Request of endorsements of project proposals from associations & cooperatives
Provincial Veterinary Office
Provincial Treasurer's Office
Office of the Provincial Treasurer
Collection of franchise tax
Collection of professional tax
Collection of amusement tax
Collection of annual fixed tax for delivery truck or van of manufacturers or producers, wholesalers of, dealers, or retailers in certain products