The Explanation of the Sorsogon Logo

The Great Seal of Sorsogon shall have as main colors Marian Blue, representing the province’s soulful and peaceful atmosphere and Heart Red surrounding the seal, representing the strong passion of the Sorsoganons to work as a team and their natural strength to withstand and overcome any hurdles and tests that will come along the way.

Hand-drawn in white, the seal showcases the four (4) distinct symbols of Sorsogon and icons which the province is known for: (1) Bulusan Volcano is the main backdrop of the province. The natural park surrounding it is a protected area of the rainforest; (2) The pili nut. Sorsogon is the pili capital of the country; (3) The first mass in the first chapel of Luzon which was held in the town of Magallanes (formerly Gibalon). It was from this village that Ibalong, referring to the whole Bicol region, came to be in 1570; (4) Sorsogon’s famous Butanding or whale shark representing fishing as one of the main sources of living of the Sorsoganons being a coastal province. Sorsogon’s rich coast supplies the marine needs of Luzon.

Below the seal is the year the Province was founded. The province was eventually separated from Albay on October 17, 1894, and adopted the name Sorsogon.